TFF Mentorship

Mentorship is a new component of TFF, for members to solidify and share/expand their knowledge. Any user can be a Mentee and take paid sessions from official TFF Mentors. These Mentors have been screened by TFF, and will be paid for offering their time. The Mentorship programme spans across various areas and currently includes: subject-specific support, careers/internship advice and application/CV checks. As Albert Einstein once said, "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

TFF Mentor

Are you interested in reflecting on your knowledge/experiences, and sharing it with other students that want support? Click below and signup to be a Mentor now.

We will screen your credentials (and possibly interview you) before offering you a Mentor position. This is a paid for service and you will be rewarded financially (to add to the other benefits), for offering sessions to other students.

We are currently hiring Mentors for subject-specific areas (e.g. Economics), internship/careers advice (i.e. if you have secured your own placements already), university advice and much more!

TFF Mentee

Are you interested in having sessions with TFF Mentors? Our Mentors can assist you with: boosting your knowledge of a specific area (e.g. Investment Banking or Corporate Law), giving careers advice, and support in university/internship applications. 

All Mentors have been vetted by TFF and have more than sufficient experience/qualifications to support you. They are primarily university students that have been through the typical student process, and many have secured their own internships or formed their own business etc. Click below and choose a Mentor now.