Who Really Built A ‘Wall’ On The US-Mexico Border?

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Published: Sat 28th January 2017

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Who Really Built A ‘Wall’ On The US-Mexico Border?

One of the most emphasised points of Trump’s campaign has been the building of a wall, across the US-Mexico border. Democrats around the world have argued against the xenophobic message of the new President. However, Obama has just finished an anti-immigration policy that began in the Bill Clinton era.

What is known as the wet feet, dry feet policy was an act that allowed Cuban immigrants into the US, to try to secure residency in America. From this point onwards, unless Trump decides to do something about it, those Cubans who leave Cuba for Florida would be deported back.


Interestingly enough, those who were able to successfully exit Cuba, but were caught in the middle of the sea before reaching port, were also deported back to their home island. Effectively immediately, with the end of the Obama administration, immigrants who arrive at the coast of Florida will be sent back to Cuba as well.

Some pundits argue that the policy is a reprisal against the Cuban community in Florida, because of its immense support given to Trump – during the general elections last November.


Behind the Scenes Damage?

Obama, the Nobel laureate of 2009, now bids a hearty farewell to his tenure – having built a legal ‘wall’ for Cuban citizens looking to lead a better life in the US. To add to this, it is fascinating how the media has been less aggressive on Obama’s factual policies – instead deciding to place the spotlight on Trump’s promised policies.


There is no reason to justify either, but it is necessary to analyse the media’s potential influence on the general public opinion. The reality is that a Democratic ex-president has built a legal ‘wall’, whereas the new Republican President has not actually ‘built’ anything. Reality is reality. But the media has created unnecessary noise about this issue, which has focused the general opinion on Trump – distracting the general public from reality.

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