Cashless Consumers

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Published: Sun 10th Sep 2017 Author: Adnaan Ali Read Time: 4 minutes What Is A Cashless Society? For the first time ever, in 2016, the UK saw cashless payments overtake transactions made with cash. The UK had cashless transactions making up 56% of all payments made by consumers in 2016. But what exactly will a cashless society look like? […]

The Importance of a Second Language in Banking

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Published: Wed 23rd Aug 2017 Author: Umar Tariq Read Time: 4 minutes  Given the ever-increasing competition to land a graduate position in banking, standing out from the tens of thousands of applications that banks receive each year has never been so vital. While arranging internships, improving finance and business knowledge and practising psychometric tests day and night are a […]

Supreme: A Business Myth

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Published: Sun 12th February 2017 Author: Andrew Koren Read Time: 4 minutes Brief Background Of SupremeWith an initial $12,000 investment in 1994, Supreme has become a notorious brand of clothing amongst a wide variety of people – large enough to render the initial investment worthless. From 1994 onwards, the owner James Jebbia has opened 10 stores worldwide, leading Supreme […]

South Korean Impeachment: Impact on Samsung

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Published: Wed 1st February 2017 Author: YeongJae Kim Read Time: 2 minutes What Happened to the President of South Korea?On 9th December 2016, South Korean President Park Geun-Hye was impeached after she was accused of extortion, abuse of power and bribery. More specifically, she was accused of allowing her friend Choi Soon-sil, the late leader of a religious cult […]