How You Can Get Involved?

- Signing-up Bonus: All TFF members start as an Analyst and are given 50 points for signing up.

- Points-based Ranking System: All members receive points for engaging with the TFF platform, and can work up the ranks from Analyst to Vice President (with prizes awarded).


- TFF Journalism: Share your thoughts by writing articles and discuss with like-minded individuals in the forums. 

- TFF Competitions: Apply your knowledge by taking part in the monthly trading/stock pitch contests (with top prizes).

- TFF Mentorship: Solidify your understanding by getting involved as a mentor or mentee.


- Why Get Involved?: Amazing experience to add to your CV/LinkedIn profile, brilliant example for showing your key skills when writing a personal statement, cover letter or for any other corporate scenario! You also have the opportunity to further your understanding of Finance (and other related fields), by sharing your thoughts and applying it to the real world.

TFF Journalism

Journalism is the foundation of TFF. It consists of 2 areas: articles and forums. This is where students begin to enhance their knowledge of the markets/news, and share their thoughts with other students. No prior experience is necessary for students to write articles, since all content is edited by our team, before being published. The forums are an open discussion on the most popular and recent topics.

TFF Competitions

Competitions is the second step in the TFF Network. Members have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in the real world, by taking part in the monthly Trading and/or Stock Pitch contest. There are prizes to be won for the top contestants, and points are awarded to everyone that takes part.

TFF Mentorship

Mentorship is a new component of TFF, for members to solidify and share/expand their knowledge. Any user can be a Mentee and take paid sessions from official TFF Mentors. These Mentors have been screened by TFF, and will be paid for offering their time. The Mentorship programme spans across various areas and currently includes: subject-specific support, careers/internship advice and application/CV checks.